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August 1, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mission Catalyst Turns Ten! Vancouver, Washington

Was starting Mission Catalyst the right thing to do? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Absolutely Yes …

In August 2004, Ron Gladden launched a new ministry designed to equip teams of leaders to plant prevailing churches. It was a gutsy move that prompted some to label him “Ringleader of Apostasy”, while others celebrated and affirmed that this was long overdue and that the kingdom would be expanded. Ron lost a few friends, gained many more, and pursued the calling to reach as many people as possible for Christ.

Mission Catalyst was (and still is) something new. It did not emerge from a theological difference or a belief that the denomination is in apostasy. One thing, and one thing only, prompted its founding: an accelerated mission; more people in heaven. It was built on the conviction that a healthy, unselfish, growing (HUG) local church is God’s design to reach a city. MC leaders coined a mantra that they will never stop repeating: It’s all about the next person.

To the surprise of many, Mission Catalyst has not drifted from its theological roots, nor has it dialed back its passion for making the local church its highest priority. The ministry remains organizationally lean and intensely focused on partnering with God and other Christians to prepare as many people as possible for the soon return of Jesus.

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we will create and share ten short videos during the month of August. (Keep an eye on your email and our Facebook page: Each video will address the questions that people ask, what we did right (and wrong), how God is blessing, what is coming next, and how you can be involved.

Find the videos here on our YouTube channel.



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