• Ron Gladden



She pollinates everyone in the room with joy. She could have given motivational lessons to Tony Robbins. She’s fun, spiritual, and inspiring.

Let me introduce you to April, the newest member of our Mission Catalyst team. April started this month as my administrative assistant.


She’s a wife.

Her husband is Tim Geisler whom we stole from Redding, California. He’s about to become the new directional leader at Epikos Church. Tim is an exceptional leader, a people magnet, an overall great guy, and an Arizona Cardinals fan (we love him anyway).

She’s a mom.

Her kids are about as cool as kids can be. Sean is 13 and loves to shoot hoops. He’s also hooked on snowboarding, he sings and plays a number of instruments, and he helps set up Epic Kids every Saturday afternoon. Alise is 10 and is into ice skating, singing, guitar, and art. And she loves to help set up the Cafe Ever After at church. The whole family enjoys hiking together and playing board games.

She’s a servant.

She sings in the worship band at Epikos Church, she leads the Epic Kids ministry, and she helps however and wherever she can.

She’s a Jesus follower.

“I believe that God called me,” April explains, “to live according to Isaiah 61:1-3. That’s why I love to talk with that new person sitting next to me in church, help with Epic Kids, hang out with the youth group, or lead the worship music .”

She continues: “It has to be with Him, though. I can’t do anything but fail if I do it in my own strength. God has gifted me as an encourager and a motivator. I see great potential in others and encourage them to strive for their very best. I expect everyone to be treated with dignity and respect. I am spiritual. Not only do I feel connected to my fellow man/woman, I feel deeply connected to the heart of God.”

Everyone who has met the Geisler family is delighted that God led them to Vancouver. And I am thankful that when Mission Catalyst needed to open the door to a new season, April was willing to join the team.

You’ll get to meet her. Hopefully in person at one of our events or when you visit Vancouver. But for sure you’ll meet her, in a sense, through the newsletters she sends you, her creativity on the website, or as she answers questions over the phone. And whether or not you see her out front, you can be sure that God has smiled on Mission Catalyst with a fun, highly-competent, and spiritual leader who will help us fulfill God’s calling.

Take a moment right now and pray for April, Tim, and their family. And keep praying, too, that God will continue to expand this ministry of equipping leaders to start churches.



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