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Mission Catalyst exists to connect and equip a community of innovating leaders called to create highly-inclusive, well-led spiritual communities known by how they live out the ways and teachings of Jesus. Mission Catalyst began in 2004 in response to God’s call to create churches that never stop making an ever-larger impact for the kingdom.


As a catalyst for action and change, Mission Catalyst focuses on two transformational activities. 


1. Starting Churches


Our primary mission is to equip leaders to start churches. While healthy, unselfish, growing churches already exist in most communities, God will never stop calling entrepreneurial leaders to start the next one.


2. Fueling Innovation


Mission Catalyst stays in touch with what innovating leaders are doing across North America and beyond. We connect you with others who care deeply about seeing the vision of Jesus come true. We facilitate opportunities for cross-mentorship so that the ministry God has called you to is well-led and thus impactful.


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To connect and equip innovating leaders called to create highly-inclusive, well-led spiritual communities known by how they live out the ways and teachings of Jesus.




To be a catalytic network of thousands of churches that are becoming a significant force for Christ.


Core Values


1. We value the primacy of the local church, because it is where ministry actually happens. This means that our default position is one of trust toward local church leaders. All decisions and actions are weighed against their impact on the local church. In funding, policy, and support, if something does not improve the local church’s health and mission, we will not do it.


2. We value not-yet believers, so we do whatever it takes to equip local churches to reach them. Every church that finds a good fit in this network makes reaching those disconnected from Christ the first priority of everything they do in church. Every contact, function, resource that we provide is for this purpose.


3. We value organizational efficiency and effectiveness, so that desired outcomes determine the use of all resources. Knowing that organizations tend to petrify, we have built-in controls that keep us task and mission focused. Furthermore, we do not adhere to a practice just because it has been done before; we value the practice only if it works to accomplish the mission.


4. We value an abundance mindset, because God rewards faith and knows no limits. Abraham quit asking at ten, and Sodom was destroyed. The widow of Shunnam quit pouring unlimited oil because all the jars she had collected were full. Our faith often limits what God does. Therefore, we dream, plan, and expect big things in areas where God’s will is clear.


5. We value joy, fun, and optimism, because God is destined to win, and being on a winning team is contagious. One of the reasons successful churches grow is that people are excited enough about their church to invite their friends. We believe that joy and optimism are magnetic. To produce them in the local church, they must first permeate the support office. Consequently, we look for ways to have fun working for God, and choose staff who are contagious Christians. We look for excuses to celebrate victories in the local churches.


6. We value change, because it is the only constant in a successful organization. An organization that doesn’t change its methods changes its principles by default since the environment in which we exist changes continually. We often ask each other: “What have you changed recently that makes your job more efficient and effective?”


7. We value a sense of urgency, because we are in the most important business in the world, and time is short. Ever since Jesus went to heaven and promised to return to earth, there has been a sense of expectancy. Since we see Bible signs that indicate we are living in the last days of history, we make sure that our work styles and lifestyles show that we really believe it. We always choose simple utility over opulence in our work environment. By so doing we can better fund the planting and supporting of focused churches that effectively prepare people for His return.


8. We value each other and we are committed to applying the Golden Rule to all relationships. This value is implemented as we go to each other in love to quickly work out differences; are open and honest with each other, having no hidden agendas, and always think first of how we would wish to be treated if the shoe were on the other foot.


How Is MC Different?


Mission Catalyst is not a denomination, nor are we affiliated with a denomination. We exist to help entrepreneurs create what Jesus had in mind. We are building a network of local churches that are committed to living out the ways and teachings of Jesus.


Our founder, Ron Gladden, worked within the Adventist denomination for a number of years before founding Mission Catalyst in 2004. If you are affiliated with the Adventist denomination or another parental denomination and you would like to understand how Mission Catalyst differs, click here. 


Comparison—Adventist Conference and Mission Catalyst

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