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Martin Luther once nailed his 95 theses to the church door at Wittenberg. We don't have 95, but we consider these 6.5 points to be undeniable truths that are worth nailing somewhere.

1     The local church is God’s design to reach people. It is the hope of each community. The local church is God’s highest priority.

2     Any conference or network exists only to resource and assist the local church in reaching its maximum redemptive potential. Ask not what the church can do for the network; ask what the network can do for the church.

3     Local churches exist to reach the next person. Effective leaders are clear that the primary customer is the person who will not go to heaven unless something changes before the end of his life. Those who pay the bills, who are already convinced, and who already attend are the secondary customer.

4     Churches are self-determining when it comes to the things that cause health and growth (e.g., staffing, money, and governance). Since the local church is God’s design to reach a community, its leaders must prayerfully decide how best to invest tithe and offerings.

5     Those who are persuaded of the Mission Catalyst theological perspective are not spiritually superior to those who attend any other Christian church. God uses Christians with various points of view to help people cross the line of faith.

6     Leaders don’t wait for permission to obey God’s promptings. Once they hear His voice, understand His heart, and consult with people they respect, they act.

6.5  Every community should have a healthy, unselfish, growing Mission Catalyst church.

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