Fueling Innovation

Mission Catalyst stays in touch with what innovating leaders are doing across North America and beyond. We connect you with others who care deeply about seeing the vision of Jesus come true. We facilitate opportunities for cross-mentorship so that the ministry God has called you to is well-led and thus impactful. We are delighted to help stalled churches discover pathways to innovation, but we believe that the freest expression of ministry innovation almost always results in stepping out and starting something new. (Jesus seemed to agree when He said, “Do not put new wine into old wine skins.”) 


All success in ministry can be credited to God’s blessing and the ongoing innovation of its leaders. The gospel never changes. The truths of Scripture are as unchangeable as God Himself, but culture is constantly on the move. Unless church leaders constantly immerse themselves in culture as Jesus did (maintaining a strong connection with the Father while entering the lives of the lost - and taking heat for doing so), the churches they lead will stagnate, turn inward, and atrophy.