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1. The church is started and led by a team of pastors working together.​

2. The team is strategically assembled and collectively shares these gifts: leader of leaders, people magnet, visioneer, strategy architect, systems architect, and excellent preacher/presenter. Read more details.

3. Each team member has these characteristics: integrity, chemistry with other team members, clarity about role on the team, humility, compassion, listener, lifelong learner.

4. The team holds these paradigms about God, ministry, and life: Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 2:42-47, honesty about the present and optimism about the future, abundance mindset, an understanding that God expects fruit, longevity (long-term commitment to one church).

5. The church’s culture has these aspects: everything revolves around Jesus; the Bible is front and center; it’s all about the next person; the front door is wide open; we give our best and draw the best out of others; every weekend experience is experiential, participatory, image-based, and connective; spiritual progress is normal; the stakes are high, and so is our commitment; healthy people do not demand their way, but they demand to have their way considered; there ain’t no “us” and “them”; children are a sky-high priority; talented people are invited to serve; compassion for “the least of these”.

6. The church is self-determining.

Pivotal Design Team

Goldilocks Freedom

Book-of-Acts Culture

The Prevailing Church

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