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Mission Catalyst exists to connect, equip, and empower a community of innovative leaders called to create highly-inclusive, well-led spiritual communities known by the way they live out the ways and teachings of Jesus.

Starting Churches

Our primary mission is to equip leaders to start churches. While healthy, unselfish, growing churches already exist in most communities, God will never stop calling entrepreneurial leaders to start the next one. Jesus longs for the church to be unstoppable. It takes on different forms from one place to the next, but as long as there are spiritual travelers who have not connected with a community of Jesus followers, God will refresh and expand His kingdom through the establishment of churches that live out the radical ways and teachings of Jesus.

We are ready to assess your team, walk with you through the baby steps of setting up your legal, financial, and ministry structures, coach you and your leaders through every phase of growth, and provide you with the latest resources. All of our services, including full affiliation with Mission Catalyst, are available to Christian leaders regardless of your theological niche. 


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