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Mission Catalyst is a coaching, mentoring, and supporting organization for church leaders, registered as a 501(c)(3) in the United States. The purpose of Mission Catalyst is to help entrepreneurs create what Jesus had in mind.

Mission Catalyst's Commitments


This is our standard commitment. We will negotiate specifics with each individual group. These commitments are ongoing and are in addition to the assessment and workshop that we provide during the affiliation process.


  1. MC provides a monthly one-on-one coaching call for each church.

  2. MC writes a blog for church leaders.

  3. MC provides an annual, in-person evaluation/coaching weekend for each church.

  4. MC facilitates leader conferences once a year, tied to a national conference (e.g., Exponential, Catalyst, Global Leadership Summit).


Member Church's Commitments


A church joins MC by following our affiliation process. A church maintains its affiliation with MC on an annual basis, renewable each calendar year, by annually agreeing to the five points below:


  1. They are non-negotiably outreach focused.

  2. They create a Pivotal Design team* ASAP.

  3. They are involved in a mission project at least 100 miles from their own local community.

  4. They manage their finances with integrity and responsibility.

  5. Churches in the U.S. pay forward a percentage of their tithe and local giving to the network support office so that Mission Catalyst can start more churches and resource the congregations. Self-funded churches pay forward 5%, while churches that receive funding from MC pay forward 10% until they have paid back the amount they have received in funding from MC, at which point the percentage becomes 5%. (Funds not subject to this arrangement: money donated to a capital campaign; money earmarked for a parachurch ministry that has no connection with the local church; donations of goods and services).


Churches outside the U.S. are not subject to the 5% or 10% but, instead, voluntarily pay for services provided by Mission Catalyst (e.g. coaching, resources, workshops). Because new churches often function on limited financial resources, fees are determined on an individual church basis.    

Membership Commitment Form for Funded Churches

Membership Commitment Form for Self-Funded Churches

* Mission Catalyst considers a Pivotal Design team to be critical to the success of a new church. It is a strategically assembled team of staff or volunteer leaders who collectively share six diverse and essential leadership qualities.

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