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The Planting Team Assessment is open to all qualifying candidates, regardless of affiliation with Mission Catalyst.

Church planting has been called the extreme sport of ministry. It always looks easier than it really is. Leading a new church requires a special person with a strong call from God and unique gifting. When church planting is a call, it's the greatest experience of your life. When it's just a job, it becomes the worst job you've ever had.

The purpose of the assessment is to find and unleash those whom God has called and "wired up" to be church planters. It also gives new churches the best chance to prevail. 

Mission Catalyst has two levels of assessment:

The abbreviated assessment is required for leaders of self-funded projects.

The full assessment is required for leaders of MC-funded projects, although it is recommended in all cases.

If you think that God might be calling you to be the leader of a new church or a member or a church planting team, contalct us to talk about it.

Assessment is open to all qualifying candidates, regardless of affiliation with Mission Catalyst. The full assessment is most effective when teams are assessed together.

Note: The "planting team" refers to those who, together, fill the six roles of the Pivotal Design team. They take deep ownership in the church and are willing and able to commit a significant amount of time to leading it. They are the initial staff of the church.


Rave Reviews About Assessment


“Assessment was enlightening, affirming, and confidence-building. The process was thorough and professional. I learned so much about planting a church, and my wife and I learned a lot about ourselves. A memorable experience!”


“Assessment gives you a chance to take a look at your strengths and weaknesses in an unthreatening way. I still remember the impact, and I still see the value. Every person entering ministry should go through the process.”


“Assessment was an incredible experience. God’s calling became even clearer. We all learned more about ourselves and what it takes to be a church planter. It’s a ministry that requires the right gift mix, hard work, faith, vision, and that unmistakable call. Now I know this is what I was made for!”

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