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10-Talent Leader

A leader of leaders, or “10-talent leader”, coalesces and leads an effective team. In a new church, he or she is the founding and lead pastor. In an established church, he or she is the lead pastor.

  • Leaders, not just followers, follow him or her.

  • He or she discerns those with leadership potential and helps them achieve maximum impact.

  • He or she builds enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of extreme personal humility and intense professional will.

  • He or she is a visionary, inspiring followers with what the church can be and do.

  • He or she keeps followers focused on priorities that will accomplish the mission.

  • He or she accurately assesses situations and recognizes when pieces are missing.

  • He or she has two primary roles: to preach the gospel and find leaders.

*An 8-talent leader is not the leader of leaders but is talented, emotionally and spiritually mature, and a valuable, almost-indispensable member of the staff.

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