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Mission Catalyst has projects in the United States and Canada.

We have two classifications of projects:

Pivotal Design — These churches were started with the Pivotal Design model. They are in either the Assembly phase or the Flight phase. In the Assembly phase, which takes between three and 23 months, concrete steps are taken to bring together the components of the Pivotal Design. In the Flight phase, the group has officially launched after it has experienced numerical growth, established a healthy DNA and a next-person focus, and when all other Pivotal Design components are in place.

First Generation — These churches were started (or joined the network) in the early phase of Mission Catalyst.





Langley, British Columbia
Pivotal Design church in the Assembly phase.

Saved by Grace Community Church
Tacoma, Washington

First Generation church that was started in 2009. Pama Taai is the pastor.


Bread of Life Church
Platteville, Wisconsin

First Generation church that joined Mission Catalyst in 2011. Scott Adams is the interim pastor.

Grace Bible Chapel
New Baltimore, Virginia

First Generation church started in 2007. Steve Keeler is the founding pastor.


New York United Church
New York, New York

First Generation church that joined Mission Catalyst in 2007. George Whiteman is the pastor.


New Ministry Community Church
Rochester, New York

First Generation church started in 2009. Daniel Feliz is the founding pastor.

We don’t have a church in every city yet, but it’s just a matter of time. Would you like to see one in your town?

Take a look at our affiliation process, and let us know if you want to start a new project. 

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