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Pivotal Design Team

Goldilocks Freedom

Book-of-Acts Culture

The Prevailing Church

The Pivotal Design is the model for all prevailing churches. It is based on three bedrock principles. When it comes to flying machines, the three principles are controlling the roll, pitch, and yaw. Leave one of those out and you’re a dead duck. You have to have all three. So when we consider healthy, unselfish, growing churches, the three principles are Goldilocks Freedom, the Pivotal Design Team, and a Book-of-Acts Culture. Leave one of those out, and your church is no better than a rubber duck. It might look like it could fly. It might quack like a real duck, but it ain’t going anywhere.


The bottom line? 

When you bring together three principles — Goldilocks Freedom, Pivotal Design Team, and Book-of-Acts Culture — a church prevails. 

To learn more, read The Pivotal Design by Ron Gladden.

Click on the links below to further explore what we call The Pivotal Design.

The Pivotal Design is the breakthrough discovery that explains why some churches prevail and others don’t. The discovery is the result of many years of observing prevailing churches and identifying their common components. As of 2010, churches that start with Mission Catalyst are based on the Pivotal Design. Click the video play button on the left to watch.​

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