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Imagine belonging to a church that not only believes the same thing you do, but is healthy, unselfish, and growing. A church that loves deeply, worships enthusiastically, and gives generously to the under-resourced. A church where life change happens constantly. It’s just a dream to way too many people.


It shouldn’t be just a dream.


Your city needs a church that you can’t wait to attend and to which you cannot resist inviting your friends. You may be the catalyst that God uses to make it happen. Mission Catalyst is ready to partner with you.

Here's Why You're Our Hero

Church leaders are heroes. Pastors lead, comfort, and teach. Youth leaders inspire, listen, and model. Musicians play, sing, and lift up God. Kids’ teachers serve, love, and instruct. Other volunteers pour out their time and talents for nothing but the pure joy of helping. And on top of everything, people like you invest tithe and give money to causes that build things and change lives. It’s hard to find a better definition for hero than that.

The Problem

Most churches are stalled. They’re stuck in the past both in numbers and in methods. They aren’t happy places. Their primary reason for existence is survival or to please the already convinced. They fight over things that don’t really matter, and they judge those who need to be loved. Creativity is so rare that it must be illegal. The result is disappointment and pain, and highly-committed leaders withdraw because they can’t conceive of a happy ending.

The Most Effective Leaders Have a Coach

Planting a healthy, unselfish, growing church is hard; it’s the extreme sport of ministry. Turning an existing church around might be even harder. 


When you start with an existing church, you wrestle with changing DNA that has petrified over the years. When you start a new church, you have a better chance of creating healthy culture and priorities, but bringing together the right mix of gifts and personalities doesn’t happen easily. How do you know where to start, what land mines to avoid, and how to develop momentum?


Mission Catalyst has done it. We never stop learning how to leverage every resource while reaching the next person. Our team has one goal: to help you succeed.

You Need a Team

Golfers and tightrope walkers are soloists; they do their thing alone. A lot of small businesses thrive behind one person who works hard and becomes an expert in his or her field. Starting a church, however, is a group sport. It’s relationally-intensive to the max. It requires a leader of leaders to bring together and lead a team of people whose hearts burn for a common cause and who synergize to make the dream come true.


Our assessment process will clarify whether you are wired and ready to be the leader of leaders or a valuable team member. Once the leader of leaders is identified, you’re ready for a plan.

You Need a Plan

We’re not interested in creating cookie-cutter churches. Your dream will unfold in a way that is fresh and unique. But you have to have a plan. You can’t just wing it and expect to create a healthy, growing church.


The first thing we do is listen. Your dream is the starting point.


Next we start the process of making the complicated simple. It’s not easy, but it has to be simple. Based on proven principles, we do an initial consult by phone or on-site, and then we help you design a pathway that takes you from here to there. You can use your plan in all of your communication, to inspire people to join you, and to keep your leaders focused and unified in their mission. We’re a call or a text message away to guide you when you need it. The result is clarity, confidence, and progress.

Your Story Needs a Happily-Ever-After

Creating what Jesus had in mind is a challenge. When it comes to church, the crucial words are healthy, unselfish, and growing. It doesn’t happen quickly, and it requires the best that you have. You have to have the right motive. You must be a leader. You have to be emotionally and spiritually healthy. When those are in place and you have the right allies and a clear, simple plan, you can do it.


Let’s do this together. Let’s create the church Jesus has in mind. 

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