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"I need a coach. Everybody needs a coach."

- Eric Schmidt

CEO, Google


People often ask if they can get together and pick our brains. Sometimes they would like a phone call while other times they want to hook up in person. Here is our answer: “Yes, you absolutely can pick our brains.”

Here are several ways that you can get access to us.

  1. Search the site Just use the search box on the top of the sidebar to access a variety of articles on leadership and church planting written by Ron Gladden, Directional Leader of Mission Catalyst.

  2. Subscribe to the rongladden updates. Read monthly articles on leadership, church planting, personal growth. By subscribing, you’ll never miss a post. You can subscribe on the sidebar of the site, just below the search box.

  3. Buy one of the books in our resource library.

  4. Send us an email request. If you have a few brief questions, you may opt to book a time to speak with Ron, free of charge. We love helping leaders get unstuck and are always ready to give them our always-humble opinion on a leadership-related topic. Book this appointment conveniently online.

  5. Book us for a speech or a weekend workshop. While most of our time is devoted to supporting churches in the Mission Catalyst network, for a fee, we are currently able to take a limited number of appointments for other churches and organizations. Contact us.

  6. Hire us to coach or consultant you. We love coaching and consulting, but have limited time available for it. Therefore, we can be very selective. The charge is $80 an hour for telephone coaching, and we charge by the day for on-site consulting. If you think that you could benefit from this one-on-one interaction, contact us through this site.


If you are thinking of starting a church, this is a great place to start. Then, our Directional Leader is happy to talk with you on the phone to answer your questions and help you decide what steps you should take. If you want to meet in person, book a consultation online and let’s explore it. Mission Catalyst also is available for church planter assessments, with an emphasis on assessing teams.





If you have something in mind that we haven’t already mentioned, feel free to send an email. And if you feel that our organization does not fit your coaching needs at this time, we get that. Here are some other organizations that we recommend you look over instead. 

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