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Welcome, Gulf States Conference Team.

Church planting has been called the extreme sport of ministry. It always looks easier than it really is. Leading a new church requires a special person with a strong call from God and unique gifting. When church planting is a call, it’s the greatest experience of your life. When it’s just a job, it becomes the worst job you’ve ever had.

The purpose of assessment is to find and unleash those whom God has called and “wired up” to be church planters. It also gives new churches the best chance to prevail. If you think God might be calling you to be the leader of a new church or a member of a church planting team, contact us to talk about it. The assessment is most effective when leaders from the same church are assessed together.


Assessment consists of pre-work followed by a four-day event. The pre-work includes an application form, references, tests, self-evaluation, and other info that we gather before the event. The four-day portion is a group event; four to ten couples or candidates (ideally, a planting team) attend at the same time. The schedule consists of exercises, simulations, and interviews designed to highlight the competencies necessary to start and build a prevailing church. Some activities are done alone, some as a couple, and some in a group. 

Assessment Dates:

January 27 - 30, 2020


Beautiful Lake Martin

Dadeville, Alabama



The candidate submits an application form.


The candidate and spouse (if married) each complete a self-evaluation form. 


The candidate submits a recent sermon in audio or video (preferred) format via email to the assessment administrator. If you have a sermon online, please send us the link.


The candidate and spouse (if married) each take the  online 16 Personality 

Factors (16PF)

Questionnaire. Let us know  when you are ready to do 

this step, and we will send you login information. Once you have received it, go online to NetAssess. You will be prompted to enter your user name and password.


The candidate surveys 10 unchurched people. Download the survey. The results are to be brought to the assessment event.


  • Once you register and begin the process, the assessment administrator will send you the deadlines for each step. All pre-work must be completed by the deadlines.

  • When you make your travel plans, plan to arrive in time to relax and get settled. That means you must arrive on Sunday evening, January 26. You will be free to travel home on Thursday afternoon, January 30.

  • Both the candidate and spouse must attend all sessions. If you have children, please plan to make arrangements for their care while you are gone.

  • If you have questions about the process, contact Ron at (360) 624-7271



At the conclusion of the four-day event, the assessment team gives each candidate one of the following recommendations:


Recommended as Lead Pastor

We believe that God has called and equipped you to start a new church as the lead pastor of a team.

Recommended as a Team Member

We believe that God has called and equipped you to be a team member in a new church.

Provisional Recommendation

We believe that God has called and equipped you to start a new church as lead pastor or team member, but we don’t believe you are ready. The staff will specify how you can be ready in six to 24 months.

Not Recommended

We don’t believe that you are wired up to start a new church. You likely would be frustrated, and the church would struggle.


Get the Ball Rolling!

Send a deposit for $200 to the Treasury Department at your conference office. They will notify us that they have received it so that we can proceed with the remaining steps of the enrollment process. Your deposit will be returned to you at the end of the four-day assessment event.


The candidate sends phone numbers and email addresses for both spouses to


The candidate submits a reference request form.


The candidate and spouse (if married) each take the online Leading From Your Strengths Profile. The profile is $26.95 per person. To purchase and take the test, click on the “Add to Shopping Cart” button directly below “$26.95” on the right side of the web page. Once you have completed the test, please email us your results (PDF)*. 

*Your costs will be reimbursed by reporting them on your monthly workers report.


Rave Reviews About Assessment


“Assessment was enlightening, affirming, and confidence-building. The process was thorough and professional. I learned so much about planting a church, and my wife and I learned a lot about ourselves. A memorable experience!”


“Assessment gives you a chance to take a look at your strengths and weaknesses in an unthreatening way. I still remember the impact, and I still see the value. Every person entering ministry should go through the process.”


“Assessment was an incredible experience. God’s calling became even clearer. We all learned more about ourselves and what it takes to be a church planter. It’s a ministry that requires the right gift mix, hard work, faith, vision, and that unmistakable call. Now I know this is what I was made for!”

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